Monday, March 10, 2014

Ah!  Spring!  Finally!  I hope!  It has been a miserable winter.  Thankfully, everything has made it through, no worse for wear, including myself.  I will say, hauling hot water out to the animals just about did me in but there are plans for a new barn with electricity and water.  Lordy, Lordy, we need it.  The ladies have sure been enjoying the warmer temps.  They've been laying 8 - 10 eggs every day.  That is a blessing for sure.  I had to buy eggs, this winter, for the first time in five years.  That was tough.  We don't like store bought all.  No taste and filled with lots of gunk that I do not want in my body.  Yuck!  So I only used the purchased eggs for baking.  No bacon and egg breakfast's for us.  Eating that first fresh egg was like heaven on earth!

I've been doing quite a bit of sewing.  The grand-daughter's birthday is coming up and I've been making lots of sundresses, shorts, and summer nighties.  Got to make all these machines pay for themselves.  A couple of years ago, I bought a BabyLock sewing machine and I love that thing.  I would marry it, if I could!  Such a good machine but it cost me a bundle.  Then last year, I decided I needed a serger and an embroidery machine.  Another good size chunk of change.  All of them have sat idle for a while so I thought I better make them pay for themselves before my Mister decided to give them to Goodwill.  He might even get the idea to take over my craft room and I just couldn't let that happen!  Anyhow, I've been going at it, full steam.  Of course, now my shoulders hurt from sitting in one position for so long... ;-)

Well, that is my update.  Uneventful as ever!  I guess I will get outside and plant some Irises and 4 O'clock's, today.  I'm definitely not sitting in the house when it is 70* outside!  Have a good one!