Monday, February 17, 2014

Something fun!

Oh, I've found a new fun thing to play with!  Because I don't already have enough fun stuff to do (yeah, right).  Faux stained glass!  Dollar store frame, pattern, acrylic paints, glue, and your in business!  This is my first one and granted it looks like a kiddo, did it, instead of a 50 year old woman, but it was fun, easy, and I can add color all over my home, without breaking the bank.  I did have a big problem with air bubbles but I will work on that.  No matter, I like it and it kept me off the computer for a large chunk of my day!  That's a huge deal!

Friday, February 14, 2014

It has been quiet around our place, this past month.  Not that I'm complaining.  We've more or less been stuck inside because of the brutal cold, snow and ice.  This has been an odd winter for my neck of the woods.  I've never seen a winter like this here in Oklahoma.  Saw lot's of them when I lived in Michigan and Wyoming, but that was the norm in those places, but not here.  Too cold for this gal!  So what have I been doing to keep myself entertained?  Well, not much.  Of course, the grand-daughter is here three days a week, so she keeps me hopping, but other than that, I've been doing some crochet work, planning crafts that I would like to sell at the Farmer's Markets, this spring.  Notice I said planning.  I find tons of ideas but I never actually get around to making anything.  I have to remedy that.  It is hard to get motivated.  For me anyhow.  Well, this is one of those boring posts that serves no purpose other than to say I am still here.  

I am ready for Spring!