Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our Boy, Roy...

Our boy, Roy, is the sweetest dog we've ever had.  Always loyal, tolerates the Grand-daughter, and wouldn't hurt anything (unless it was after his people).  Last year, though, he didn't come when called, his food bowl went untouched and quite frankly, I was sure he was dead.  He was gone for three days.  I couldn't take it anymore and I asked my Mister to please go look for him.  Even if he was dead, I wanted to know.  My Mister searched every ditch, culvert, pond, and field.  He finally found him.  Seems, Roy had found himself a little girlfriend and let me tell you, she must have been one hot mama, because Ol' Roy fell madly in love with her.  There's been other girls, around, but this one apparently had cast her spell on him and he moved into the abandoned mobile home,  with her, down the road.  

Well, now, I am getting older and I don't like stress, drama, or heartache, so I made an appointment with the vet and "FIXED" that little problem.  Life was good until Roy figured out how to lick his wounds, even with the cone of shame.  It became infected and literally burst...anyways, that's nasty so I will spare you the details...

During all of this, the disappearance, surgery, and infection, there were folks all over the country praying for Roy.  Folks in Oregon, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, Texas...literally in every state, there were people praying for one old, very loved, dog.  I firmly believe, God hears and answers prayer...even if it is for a dog.  I want to thank everybody for those prayers and also let y'all know how our boy, Roy, is doing these days.

Occasionally, Roy hams it up for the camera (most times not)

Sometimes, he plays with his adopted brother, Jake.  (most of the time he just wishes Jake would go away)

He, apparently, likes pretending to be Yoda...

But mostly, our boy, Roy, does this...

And that is alright with his Mommy... 


  1. Love our faithful fur babies!!!!

  2. So cute. Glad Roy is doing so well....I was lol at your story :) I do believe Jesus cares for our animals,after all they are his creation,and his word says He cares for every Sparrow that falls! He hurts when we hurt,and feels every loss we feel...I do believe! Blessings friend

  3. I thought this was going to be sad, so glad he is doing well. When we moved back to CA. in 1972 we kept our dog Boots at my uncle's old house until we moved in. His dog Duke (17) found a way to get to Boots and we ended up being the happiest kids with 6 puppies. Never underestimate an old dog. LOL
    blessings, jill