Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This is Carlos.  Carlos is a pot-bellied pig that lives on a neighbor's farm, down the road.  Carlos likes to come visit from time to time.  Nobody seems to know how Carlos manages to open the gate to his pen at his home, but he slips out and waddles down the road, to come pay a visit.  He is a spoiled pig and like to play.  To get your attention, he will nudge your leg and grunt.  If you don't pet him, he pushes on your leg a little harder and grunts louder.  Finally, if you ignore Carlos, he gets his feelings hurt and becomes very rude.  He will try his best to knock you to the ground, so you will pet him.  

One day, Carlos came for a visit.  The Mister, of our place, was working on a truck but Carlos didn't like that, so he began nudging and grunting.  The Mister pushed Carlos away, with his foot.  Carlos nudged harder and grunted louder.  The Mister pushed him away again.  Carlos nudged even harder and grunted louder than ever.  Finally, Carlos decided this game of the Mister pushing and him nudging, was getting him nowhere, so what did Carlos do? He started chewing on the Mister's boot!  The Mister stopped working on the truck and bent down to pet Carlos.  Carlos was happy.  Then the Mister went back to working on his truck and Carlos went back to chewing his boot.  The Mister decided the best thing to do, was to just walk away and maybe Carlos would go find something else to play with.  Nope, that didn't work!  Carlos followed him grunting louder and louder!  

The Mister started to run, he wasn't afraid, though, because Carlos is a friendly pot-bellied pig.  The Mister had decided to play with Carlos.  He would run this way, Carlos would run that way.  Around and around the truck, the Mister had been working on.  Soon, the Mister became tired of this little game and sat down on the hood of the truck.  Carlos wasn't tired, though!  He began chewing on the Mister's boot, AGAIN!  The Mister pulled his feet up on the hood but do you know what Carlos did?  He tried to climb up on the hood of that truck!  He wasn't finished playing!  He wanted the game to last longer!  He grunted loud and tried to push the truck.  He pushed so hard the truck began to rock back and forth!  He simply did not want to end this fun game.  

Finally, the Mister decided it was time for Carlos - the pot-bellied pig, that lives on a neighbor's farm, down the road -  to go home.  So he climbed down from the hood of the truck and began walking.  Carlos followed.  Down the road they walked... or in Carlos' case, waddled!  The Mister opened the gate to the neighbor's farm, down the road, and Carlos waddled through and slowly made his way back to his pen.  

Now, the story won't end there.  Carlos is sure to be back for a visit, but for now, he is sleeping peacefully and dreaming of games of chase.

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  1. Pammie, you have such a way with words and telling stories. This would make a great children's story. You should write it! I love Carlos. You could have him do so many things! Just saying. love ya amy