Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer is winding down, so they say.  It seems, for us, it is just beginning.  We've had such a mild one, so far, but now the temps are making their way back to normal.  It's been very hot this week and from all accounts will stay that way, on into September.  Fall is my favorite season so when the Summer drags out into September, it feels like we will never see cooler temps and the beauty of Fall.

One reason we love Fall is because that is the time of year the Mister and I like to go camping.  Nothing, this side of Heaven, compares to waking up to cool air and a campfire.  I'd rather wear a jacket than a bathing suit, any day!  I am slowly getting everything ready to put into the camper but first things first...the roof needs to be sealed because the horrid temps of the past three summers, have cracked it and we have a small leak.  Hopefully, that will be rectified before the temps dip down to camping weather.

This past weekend, Princess Sparkles stayed with us.  She has been begging to go out on the pontoon so we had a family day on the lake.  She absolutely loved it!  She liked getting off the boat and into the water and building sand castles with her Grandpa, but her favorite thing was riding across the lake.  She kept yelling at my son, who was our driver, to "GO FASTER, BUBBA!  GO FASTER!".  We had a good time with her, my son and his girlfriend, and a lake full to the brim with water!  Even I, the non-boat lover, enjoyed it and might even want to go again.  Of course there was a large amount of Dramamine involved but I did have fun!

I think my inner clock is malfunctioning.  Normally, I am an early morning person.  Up before the chickens, singing and ready for what lies ahead.  By 1:30pm, I am spent and ready to relax.  The last several months, though, I have dragged through the morning, looking forward to a nap.  Not wanting to do anything but stare off into space, with nothing going through my head but the aroma of strong coffee.  I take a nap and then, Katy bar the door, I am ready to go(as much as a person with chronic pain can).  I fight, like a toddler, to stay awake late into the night because my mind is just not ready.  I used to be ready for bed by 8:00pm and depending on Daylight Savings Time, sound asleep by 9:30pm.  Not anymore!  I tell you, something is amiss and I don't like it!  I loved my quiet time before my Mister got up and started be noisy(like a bull in a china shop, is more like it).  Oh, I guess that is one of the perils of aging.  The body says one thing, the mind says the opposite.

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  1. Your weather sounds like ours. I too love fall!! And alas Miss Pammie, you are just aging like the rest of us. God bless ya.