Saturday, August 10, 2013


I am taking an idea from a couple of my favorite photo blogs,  Tulsa Gentleman and Yogi's Den, and starting a daily photo post.  I am hoping it will keep me on point to post something every day.  

Here in Oklahoma, it is natural for us to keep an eye to the sky.  We never know when the weather will turn ferocious.  One minute sunny, the very next a tornado is falling from the sky.  Ever-changing.  Skywatch Friday is exactly what it sounds like.  Watching the sky.

We have been blessed with wonderful weather this summer.  Lot's of good rain which is such a blessing after the past three years of drought and extreme heat.  This was the sky as I fed the animals.

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  1. Oh Mrs. is just beautiful! How blessed I am going to feel when I see pictures from your gorgeous state! I have never been there :) m.