Friday, August 23, 2013

It's been a few years since my children were little.  Ok, it's been a lot of years but one thing I miss about that is seeing little pairs of jeans, hanging on the line.  Mostly, those jeans belonged to my boys.  Quickly, it seems, those jeans became big boy jeans and finally men's blue jeans.  There was something that always touched my spirit, with those jeans flapping in the breeze.  Perhaps it was knowing just how much God had blessed me by sending my son for me to love.  Then He blessed me with two very special boys that I consider to be MY sons.  Truly blessed, indeed.  Those little denim jeans served as a reminder to thank God for my boys.  

Eventually, little frilly, ruffly, dresses were added to the clothesline, when my daughter was born.  That is a whole other blessing, but with those dresses, came the beginning of the jeans slowly disappearing from the line.  Life circumstances removed some of them and eventually, when the last little boy birdie flew from the nest, the jeans went along with him.  I, equally loved all the little dresses, but there was something missing from my spirit.

Now days, I find joy, once again, in having little blue jeans hanging on the clothesline, dancing on the breeze.  This time they might have a bit of pink, or a flower, on them.  Or maybe some glitter, for the owner of these jeans, is a little tomboy Princess.  She loves her jeans and boots and this old granny couldn't be happier.  My heart sings, once again, for blessings of blue jeans, and the occasional frilly dress, dancing on the clothesline!

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