Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We've had a problem around here.  The ladies have been somewhat discombobulated. Why have they been in a state of confusion?  Well... it has to do with this.

We moved our "barnyard", this past weekend, because we are planning to get a couple of pygmy goats and possibly a pig and I really didn't want all that located so close to Princess Sparkles' play area.

The ladies were in the garden...

The shed where I keep straw and mulch...

Only one lone chicken figured out, after the first night.

Finally, after four nights of rounding them up and putting them, one by one, into the hen house, tonight they finally did it on their own.

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  1. My daughter and I are neighbors ,she has chickens and I love their antics and silliness at times,their eggs are tasty too! She has two roosters that compete at crowing .....its so funny. One crows,then the other...over and over :) Thanks friend for your prayers and concern. My spirits are so much better this morning. God is so Good.....all the time.