Friday, June 28, 2013

The past couple of days it has been so darn hot.  Too hot to play outside that's for sure.  Trying to keep a three year old busy, indoors, is not an easy task.  I put together some crafty stuff for her to do and she loved them.  You would be amazed at how a box of macaroni, some beans and rice, and cornmeal(all uncooked of course), could entertain a smart cookie like Princess Sparkles.  I handed her a stack of paper, that I had cut into 3" X 3" pieces, and a pair of preschool scissors and she cut and cut and cut...for a good 20 minutes.  That is awesome for a toddler, 20 minutes is a long time to them.  I had her put all the tiny pieces, she had cut, into a bowl and then I gave her a glue stick and a coloring page.  She glued the pieces of paper onto the picture.  She loved that!  We made cereal jewelry out of Cheerios and Fruit Loops.  The "Sand in a Box" was the biggest hit.  All I did was take cornmeal, empty it into a metal tray, throw in some tiny container, sifter, spoons and forks.  Voila!  "Sand in a Box"!  She played in that for the longest time.  I used a tray that came with a lid so I can seal it up and keep it for next time. 

I still have a several things for her to do on other days when we can't get outside.  Pasting beans to a plastic lid, coloring pasta with watercolors and making pictures with it, "splatter paint" with colored water, and of course drawing on the walls! 

Princess Sparkles has so much fun with these very simple ideas.  The best part is that she is learning! 

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