Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last weekend, Princess Sparkles spent the night with us.  We always try to find things, for her to do, that will wear her out so she will sleep at night.  She's too busy to sleep or eat, you know.  Anyhow, one of the small towns, nearby, was having a carnival so we took her.  Wasn't much to the carnival but there were a couple of rides that Princess could ride.  She loved it!  

OMGosh!!!  She is the spitting image of her mama!  I need to pull out some pics of them both and compare.

Arms up!  Well, at least one!

PaPa had to check out the dragon, too!

And the helicopter!

The little one had a blast, PaPa was sore and I couldn't stop laughing from watching my "not so small" hubby, trying to wedge himself into the kiddie rides!  Priceless!  He is such a good Granpa!

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  1. Love it!! The things we do when we become Grandparents!