Friday, June 28, 2013

The past couple of days it has been so darn hot.  Too hot to play outside that's for sure.  Trying to keep a three year old busy, indoors, is not an easy task.  I put together some crafty stuff for her to do and she loved them.  You would be amazed at how a box of macaroni, some beans and rice, and cornmeal(all uncooked of course), could entertain a smart cookie like Princess Sparkles.  I handed her a stack of paper, that I had cut into 3" X 3" pieces, and a pair of preschool scissors and she cut and cut and cut...for a good 20 minutes.  That is awesome for a toddler, 20 minutes is a long time to them.  I had her put all the tiny pieces, she had cut, into a bowl and then I gave her a glue stick and a coloring page.  She glued the pieces of paper onto the picture.  She loved that!  We made cereal jewelry out of Cheerios and Fruit Loops.  The "Sand in a Box" was the biggest hit.  All I did was take cornmeal, empty it into a metal tray, throw in some tiny container, sifter, spoons and forks.  Voila!  "Sand in a Box"!  She played in that for the longest time.  I used a tray that came with a lid so I can seal it up and keep it for next time. 

I still have a several things for her to do on other days when we can't get outside.  Pasting beans to a plastic lid, coloring pasta with watercolors and making pictures with it, "splatter paint" with colored water, and of course drawing on the walls! 

Princess Sparkles has so much fun with these very simple ideas.  The best part is that she is learning! 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

We had Princess Sparkles, for just a little while, today.  She has either a cold or her allergies are acting up so no swimming today.  Instead we took her someplace she absolutely loves.  Bass Pro Shop!  That's my girl!  As usual, I sat and waited for them to "explore", because I simply can't keep up.  I am a people watcher.  Most of the time I simply watch and then quickly forget about what I observed.  Today, however, I couldn't get it out of my mind how parents and most grandparents, for the most part, totally ignored their children's cry for attention.  Many children were so excited to see the enormous fish tank and would squeal with delight and call to their mama or daddy, "Mama!  Look!",  "Daddy!  Come see!"...  over and over again.  I looked at the parents and they were usually on their phones, texting or online.  "Mama!  See that big fish???!!!".  Mom would answer, "yeah, I saw", never looking up from the phone.  Dads acted like they didn't want to be there and looked pissed off when their little boys, shouted with so much excitement over the stuffed bear.  This went on the entire time we were there.  

The longer I sat and observed, the sadder I became.  I wanted so much to go to the children and talk to them, show them that they were important.  Unfortunately, in this day and time...and in this place... I dare not do that.  So, I sat and I watched...  As I did so, I realized just how blessed Princess Sparkles is to have grandparents who love her, share her excitement, and who give her undivided attention.  My Mister is an awesome grandpa and I thank God for that...  Life completely revolves around the Princess...for both of us.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

It has been one of those weeks where I have so much going on but really nothing at all.  Do you have those times?  Seems like you are meeting yourself coming but there is nothing to show for your busyness?  I have them quite often.  When I worked,  full time, it seemed I could keep everything done and still have time to coach cheerleading, participate in church activities, enjoy family activities and so on.  Now that I don't work, haven't for several years, I just can't seem to get a routine.  I know it has a lot to do with my physical limitations but I need to get on track.  One of those things, I need to make a priority, is mine and my Mister's health.  We have gotten so far off the wagon that we can't seem to catch it, again.  I have put on  more weight than I ever thought possible and my Mister is getting quite round in the middle.  I know some of it is our age, 50 does nothing for one's physique.  I am going to start working on a plan to get our health under control and then hopefully everything else will fall into place.

Of course, I've had Princess Sparkles to keep me busy.  She is a whirlwind, for sure!  By the time my Mister gets home from work, I am exhausted and he takes over.  By the time Mommy comes to pick her up, we are both absolutely worn out!  And she is like the energizer bunny!  We do have fun though!

Her laughter is music to my ears.  She has this wonderful, loud, belly laugh!  I love it!
I crocheted a "Hippie Windsock" for her.  We both love to see things dance on the wind so I tie strings, crocheted items, ribbons or fabric, to the lower limbs of our elm trees.  Such fun!  We take them down before PaPa gets home!  It's our secret!

Well, I need to get laundry on the line and get ready for another fun day of hugs and laughter!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why is the furniture all pushed to one corner of the room???

So we can color on the wall, of course!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer's Here!

Seems Summer has arrived.  It's been so hot this week.  I knew it wouldn't be long before my Mister put up the pool.  Yesterday was the day!

Princess Sparkles loves the "Big Kid" pool.  She has already learned how to propel herself across the pool.  She is going to be a good swimmer, like her mama, but lessons are in her very near future.  Once she decides she likes something, it is all you can do to keep her from doing it.  With the pool, now open, I definitely want her to know how to swim just in case!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last weekend, Princess Sparkles spent the night with us.  We always try to find things, for her to do, that will wear her out so she will sleep at night.  She's too busy to sleep or eat, you know.  Anyhow, one of the small towns, nearby, was having a carnival so we took her.  Wasn't much to the carnival but there were a couple of rides that Princess could ride.  She loved it!  

OMGosh!!!  She is the spitting image of her mama!  I need to pull out some pics of them both and compare.

Arms up!  Well, at least one!

PaPa had to check out the dragon, too!

And the helicopter!

The little one had a blast, PaPa was sore and I couldn't stop laughing from watching my "not so small" hubby, trying to wedge himself into the kiddie rides!  Priceless!  He is such a good Granpa!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ok, I've found the new title of the blog.  It will be  Change your bookmarks and blog rolls.  I don't have that many regular readers but I don't want to lose the ones who stop by now and again.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I believe it is time for a change.  I don't really live in a's just a house.  No matter what I call it, it is simply a two bedroom - needs work - sometimes very un-tidy - comfortable - old - sturdy - house.  It is home.  This blog is nothing more than a blog.  Someplace to share the goings-on around our little house.  Therefore, I am changing the name and URL of my blog.  I don't know what it will be called, yet, but I know it's time for a change.  Keep a watch for the name change so you can change your bookmarks or blog rolls.