Thursday, May 2, 2013

At this rate, my roses will never bloom.  Winter continues to hang on.  Yesterday, it was near 90*, I had the air conditioner on and the fans, running, full speed.  This morning, however, is a different story.  It is 43* and the temperatures are falling quickly.  We are under a freeze warning and even possible snow, later tonight.  I don't expect that snow to amount to anything but those cold temps will wreak havoc.  Crazy, crazy, weather. 

I've been out snapping pictures, again.  Nothing new, really.  Just playing around with my camera.  I really need to focus on my photography and get serious about learning everything I can.  I love taking pics but I don't like learning to do it!  To be one of those people that are natural born artists would be wonderful.  Envy!!!

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  1. Loved your pictures, especially the bird nest and the little posing pup. I live in Missouri, and Spring is taking its time coming this year. My early flowers have bloomed, but sporadic nights of temperatures in the 40's seem to be stunting the later blooming flowers and roses. I had to bring some of my annuals inside so much, that now they are not accustomed to being outside. I planted some gladiola bulbs last week, but with all of the rain and cold, I worry that they will rot.

    The cold snap we always get right around the first week of May is what my Mom used to call "snowball winter". It is the time when the snowball bush flowers turn white. I think things will warm up soon now.