Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Not much going on around our home.  Quiet and peaceful, just the way we like it.  I have been doing some work in the yard.  Planting lots of flowers, hedges, and fruit trees.  My roses are starting to bloom and they are so pretty.  I did lose two plants to insects, so I need to replace those.  I finally sprayed and everything is doing well now.  I do need to get some weed and grass killer because with our mild winter and the much needed rain we've had, they are going wild!  In fact, we now have more weeds than grass on our place.  I think we will need to think about throwing some grass seeds out.  Of course it will have to be done in sections because the chickens would love to scratch at the seeds!  So, anyhow, I just wanted to share a few pictures of the roses that are blooming now.  Many more plants that haven't bloomed yet but I will share those when they do.

Blue Moon

Homestead Trailing -- original bush on our property.  At least ten years old but I'm guessing closer to twenty years.
Light yellow rose -- This rose bush is original to the home and is probably as old as the one above.

Peace Rose

White Tea Rose

Ever Blooming Red Rose

Monday, May 20, 2013

I have finally completed the fundraiser stuff for my church.  Between my back going out and a complete remodel of my craft room, I was skeptical, but it all came together, like it always does, and I can finally take a deep breath!

There are crayon rolls... 
and baby bibs... 

burp cloths...

hooded bath towels...
says it all, doesn't it...
and pillowcase dresses...
modeled by a sweet little Princess, who thought all these things should have been for her!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

With storms supposed to be rolling in sometime today, I decided to just stay home from church.  I sure don't like getting caught in one of our Oklahoma storms, away from our place.  Too likely that a tornado will pop up at any given moment.  Anyhow, since I stayed home, I decided to take advantage of the sun and wind, by hanging my new white sheets on the line to dry.  I love crisp, white sheets, that snap when you shake them out.  I am constantly on a mission to find the kind of sheets my Granny used on all her beds.  When I go to bed at night I want to feel like I have traveled back to her house.  Nice breeze, coming through the windows, on a warm summer night.  Taking a nice cool bath and them slipping between those wonderful, crisp, cool, sheets, was close to heaven, for me.  Wonderful, innocent times... I miss it so I try to recreate some of that feeling, in my own home.  It doesn't come close but the airy, light, sheets, do help a bit.  So I decided to hand them on the line to dry.  It was a workout, to get those sheets on the line because the wind was blowing so hard, but I did finally manage.  I figured they wouldn't stay there long so I hung out under the shade tree, until they were dry, which took all of 15 minutes!  So now I have a basket full of nice, crisp, white sheets, that will be ironed, folded just so, and put in the linen closet until it is time to change the sheets again.  So happy, I will be, to take a nice cool bath and slip between those beautiful sheets....and dream of my Granny and yesteryear.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

We've had a couple of very warm days this week.  The Princess loves the water and my Mister fills her little pools up, in the evenings before she comes out.  By the next day, the water is nice and warm.  She knows that water is in those pools even though they both have a cover on them.  When she gets ready to play in the water, there is no stopping her.  

Off come the clothes!  She leaves them in a pile on the grass and runs to get in the water!

SPLASH!  WOOHOO!  No time to put on a swimsuit!  We did finally convince her that she had to leave her unmentionables on.  I told her she could swim but she couldn't skinny dip, even though we live in the country!  Oh to be a kid!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

At this rate, my roses will never bloom.  Winter continues to hang on.  Yesterday, it was near 90*, I had the air conditioner on and the fans, running, full speed.  This morning, however, is a different story.  It is 43* and the temperatures are falling quickly.  We are under a freeze warning and even possible snow, later tonight.  I don't expect that snow to amount to anything but those cold temps will wreak havoc.  Crazy, crazy, weather. 

I've been out snapping pictures, again.  Nothing new, really.  Just playing around with my camera.  I really need to focus on my photography and get serious about learning everything I can.  I love taking pics but I don't like learning to do it!  To be one of those people that are natural born artists would be wonderful.  Envy!!!