Friday, April 26, 2013

This morning, I missed my Mama so bad.  Haven't had a day like this for quite some time.  One of those days where, BAM!!!, it hits you that someone you love isn't around anymore and won't be ever again.  I was having a pretty good pity party and it occurred to me, that what I was really missing was Mama's physical presence.

As I went about my day.  As I swept the floors.  As I did a bit of sewing.  As I drank coffee and had my breakfast.  As I cooked our dinner and had to stand on tippy-toes to reach the bowl on the very top shelf.  As I watched Dr. Phil and the six o'clock news.  As I read my Bible.  And when I brushed my wild, curly, hair.  Fed the dogs and retrieved the mail, I noticed something.  All of these things reminded me of Mama.  Busy hands, curious mind, short legs, crazy hair and all.  Everything I am, everything I do, everything I will ever be, is a direct reflection of my beautiful Mama.  I am who I am because of God and Mama.  

I do miss her so but God gently reminded me that she is never far.  I simply need to look within.

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  1. So true for all of us!! Beautiful writing!! Touched me!