Friday, April 26, 2013

I woke up, this morning, a little bummed out.  My daughter, grand-daughter, and I, were supposed to have left, this morning, for our trip back home to Texas.  I developed a sinus thing, several weeks ago, and have felt lousy all week.  I know I have fluid in my ears again, which jacks with my equilibrium, and I've had a headache that could rival any high school drumline.  I didn't feel I could, safely, make that long drive, so I canceled it.  Besides the sinus issue, I just never really felt "right" about this trip.  I don't know why but I have a feeling it was confirmation, for me, that I have grown in my person and in my surroundings.  I no longer feel homesick for my native Texas.  I no longer prescribe to a certain thought process that I possessed when I lived there.  I am a different person, altogether.  Don't get me wrong.  Texas will always be dear to me and I will always proudly say, I am a native Texan, but something has changed for me and I believe it is a very good change.  So, while I would love to visit my family there, I can see the goodness, of not making this trip, at this time.

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