Monday, March 18, 2013

Papa took the Princess fishing over the weekend.  It was her first time to go.  Apparently she is a natural born fisherman.  She caught eight fish.  I bet she will want to go fishing all the time, now!

Just when you think Spring has sprung, it gets cold again.  And I have all these rose bushes and wisteria vines to plant.  I'm a little leery of doing that but I need to get them in the ground.  Hopefully they will be ok until the weekend.  I guess I could go get potting soil and stick them in pots until I can get them in the ground.
Bad timing, Mother Nature!

I have been working on the sewing projects for our church fundraiser.  I'd like to say I almost have everything finished but to do so would be a lie.  Truth is, I have barely started!  I have gotten so frustrated with the pattern for the bibs.  I am now looking for a new one.  One without so many curves!  The finished product looks very unprofessional and doesn't lay flat, even with the trimming and snipping of the curves.  I used a different pattern before but I've since lost it.  I need to find it or one like it, very soon!

What has been completed on my sewing list, are a couple of pillowcase dresses for the Princess.  Yeah, I know that's not what I am supposed to be working on, but she's so darn cute and I want to make stuff for her all the time.  I will post a picture, another time.

I am so glad my favorite reality show is back on!  Love "Dancing With The Stars" and this season, Wynonna Judd and Dorothy Hamil are representing the "mature ladies", of which I am a badge-wearing member!  Ha!  Go Wy and Dorothy!  Show 'em what we can do!  *giggles*

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