Sunday, March 3, 2013

It seems we are in a "waiting" pattern around our place.  The days leading up to Spring are always the longest, it seems and most unpredictable.  One day we have highs in the 30's, the next we are nearing 70*.  We never know what will happen one minute from another.  One thing is for sure,  weather in Oklahoma can change in the blink of an eye and never send a clue.  Keeps life interesting, I suppose, but I am not a patient person so all this waiting gets on my nerves, but what is a gal to do...  Grab her camera and head outside, that's what.

Lazy Melvin waiting on another field mouse to... run across the porch???

The fire pit sits in wait for the first wienie roast of the year

Buds waiting to bloom

Lilacs waiting...

Porch swing waiting for late night star gazing and conversation

Tire swing waiting for a certain little Princess to come out to play

Looks like we have a lot that's worth waiting on.

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