Sunday, February 17, 2013

This is embarrassing to admit, but I've become a hoarder!  I know, I know!  The nutcase that hates clutter and dirt couldn't be a hoarder.  Well, I didn't realize I have a problem until I started cleaning my craft room.  We are trying to finally get that room finished out but in order to do that, I must move everything out.  Over the past six years, I have used that unfinished, studs showing, plastic paint cloth covered ceiling, raw concrete floored room, as my craft space.  Ok it is more like the local landfill, these days.  I have so  much craft stuff, clothes, shoes, scrapbooking junk, just thrown everywhere.  I'm serious!  I can tell, you still don't believe me.  Well, I have proof!

Exhibit A:

No, that is not garbage contrary to what my Mister may say.  

 There are drawers and drawers of rolls and rolls of ribbon, lace, and doo-dads.  Bags and bags of silk flowers, shelves of every size and shape, wire baskets, scrapbooking supplies...

Beads, old jewelry, tons of picture frames, crayons, markers, paints, pens and pencils.  Old towels, computer software, hot glue guns, knives, hammers, tweezers, twine, string, and rope.

Boxes and boxes of sewing notions, hair ties, extension cords, buttons, more glue, more paint.  Hair extensions(yes, I said hair extensions.).  Mannequin heads, lampshades, hats, cutting boards, irons and ironing boards...  

This is only a small portion of what I have on hand.  I've already filled and stored about ten large plastic tubs with old sheets, vases, more flowers, Christmas ornaments, yards and yards of fabric, felt, faux fur, and burlap.  Did I mention flowers?

And we aren't even going to that place where yarn multiplies like rabbits!  

Yes, indeed, this is embarrassing to admit.  I'm a craft hoarder!  And why, would I post this, for all the world to see?  Because, I need motivation, humiliation, and a good swift kick in the britches, to complete my mission.  I really want this room to get finished out this Spring, so I need a reminder to push forward!  I am about half way there!  No I am not getting rid of my stuff, just storing it until I need it.  Oh and that's another thing.  I am pledging to not purchase anything else until what I have is used or thrown away... with the exception of patterns when they are on sale and items needed for decorating for parties.  ;-/

And to think just last year I purged(or so I thought) that room, of all unwanted craft stuff.

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