Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Mister and I, did a little flea marketing this past weekend.  Really didn't see much that sparked my interest enough to spend much money but I did find a few things and found a couple of booths with crafty things, which sparked a bit of inspiration.  Of course, at this time, it is just inspiration...not motivation.  :-(

Here the little things I did buy.  Some I will use in my own craft projects(one day), and others I just thought were sweet and will go well in the spare room and my bathroom.

The doilies will be used in other projects and the little lady spoke to my heart in some way that said, "please, madam, may I come home with you?".

I love the little roses that adorn her dress.

She is actually an ornament but I think she will rest upon a pedestal(doll stand) where she can see all the beauty around her.

This precious little tussie-mussie was marked half-price.  It is so pretty but the picture just doesn't do it justice.  Usually happens when I photograph something in my bathroom.

I spent about $4 all together.  Not bad for a fun day with my Mister.

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  1. I love when little things speak to your heart like that...makes them so hard to resist :) I like all your nice flea market finds. I am glad you found me,and I now I have found you. Another sweet friend to visit....blessings