Friday, January 18, 2013

Now to put it into action...

I've spent hours perusing blogs of homes with all manner of decor (check out my blog lists to the right).  So many beautiful things to look at.  So many beautiful things I would like to do in my home.  I have two problems... number one is a manly - man husband that would die if I decorated with all the frou-frou that I love.  Pearls, roses, PINK, white, romantic notions. You get the picture.  I think he is allergic to those wonderful elements.  I have only my bathroom that I can decorate in this way but we have a room that needs to be finished out and I have claimed it as my "Queen" room.  I tell my Mister, it will be my sewing room, and I will keep my sewing machine in there, but there will also be lots of frills, sparkles, and PINK!  I can't wait!  My number two problem is... to actually put that plan into action!  I'm addicted to looking at the blogs more than I am in actually using what I see and learn!  One day... One day.

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