Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I have a full plate as far as crafting goes.  My ladies group at church are making things to sell at some fair, flea markets, and craft shows, to raise money for our general fund.  I am making baby items such as bibs, burp cloths, blankets, and hoodie towels.  Not difficult to make, at all.  I can't wait to get started but first I must finish what I'm working on now.

Stacks of small fabric rectangles are gracing my sewing table.  Every color under the sun.  What will they end up being?

Little pouch necklaces, of course!  200 of them, to be exact.  These are for the church as well.  For VBS, we will need these little pouches for the children to keep their treasures in.  Simple, simple and basically free!  We've had boxes and boxes of fabric samples donated and instead of purchasing things like Christmas stockings and these little pouches, the ladies are making them.  Can't beat free!  Especially for a small, less than a year old church!

I do have some personal craft projects I need to work on.  I am thinking about opening a tiny little store to sell my crafts and such.  That is for another post, though! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

For years, I have wanted a nice place to store and display some things that are very special to me.  I have had these things stuck, in a plastic tub, in the attic of our garage.  I haven't been able to look at them or love them.  I've never been able to display these precious things where, with just a tiny glance, the memory of the loved ones, who gave them to me, come flooding back.  I just never found the right furniture piece that would fit my taste... until this weekend.  I stopped by Goodwill and there she was.  The most beautiful hutch.  

Solid wood, lots of cubbies and in a traditional style.  Perfect condition and I love the two small drawers under the shelves.  Ones is the perfect place to keep stationery, my address book and a pen.  The other will hold my secret stash of Lindt dor truffles.  Shhhh.... don't tell.  So anyway, first thing this morning, I polished the hutch real good and placed a few things on her.  Most of my treasures are still in the attic and I can't get to them.  A job for my Mister, but I simply couldn't let her sit bare.

Some teapots, Liberty Falls buildings, and a creamer with a bunch of silk pink roses.  

This is my favorite teapot.  It was a gift from my very beautiful daughter.  I references 
1 Corinthians 16:14.

One of the Liberty Falls buildings, I have collected.  My friend, Chris aka Sweet Mama, passed away back in October but before she died she gave me several of these little buildings.  The ones she gave me are, of course, in the attic, but I found six more at Goodwill the same day I got the hutch.  I had to get them.  I really want a shadow box type display for them but for now the hutch is perfect.  I loved Sweet Mama.  She filled the void, after my own Mama passed away.  With the buildings being out, I can look upon them and see her smiling face.

Of course I had to add some roses.  Even if they are silk roses from the dollar store, they are pretty and brighten up the kitchen.  

I am so happy with my hutch and I can't wait to get the rest of my treasures out of the tubs, so I can enjoy them. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Now to put it into action...

I've spent hours perusing blogs of homes with all manner of decor (check out my blog lists to the right).  So many beautiful things to look at.  So many beautiful things I would like to do in my home.  I have two problems... number one is a manly - man husband that would die if I decorated with all the frou-frou that I love.  Pearls, roses, PINK, white, romantic notions. You get the picture.  I think he is allergic to those wonderful elements.  I have only my bathroom that I can decorate in this way but we have a room that needs to be finished out and I have claimed it as my "Queen" room.  I tell my Mister, it will be my sewing room, and I will keep my sewing machine in there, but there will also be lots of frills, sparkles, and PINK!  I can't wait!  My number two problem is... to actually put that plan into action!  I'm addicted to looking at the blogs more than I am in actually using what I see and learn!  One day... One day.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sometimes I wish we had more going on to keep me busy.  Truth is, I have more than enough to do.  I am always busy, in a quiet way, I guess.  I really don't have time for anything else.  If I have anymore, I wouldn't have received the blessing of keeping my grandblessing everyday.  This past week was one of those times that made me grateful that God has placed me in this place and time.  Princess T was feeling quite puny and only wanted to sit in Granny's lap and cuddle.  We rocked, a lot.  We cuddled, a lot.  We read, a lot.  We watched Dora the Explorer, A LOT!  She is growing so fast and becoming a bit more independent, so those days are coming around fewer and fewer.  I cherish these days... I know they won't last for long.